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V³ Lending is actively providing conventional loans to borrowers in Texas and nationwide on all income producing properties.  We have established relationships with national banks, regional banks, community banks, banking lenders, non-banking lenders, insurance companies, REITs, and hedge funds.  Due to these relationships, we are able to provide our clients with the most competitive rates and terms in the current lending environment.

All of our clients have different criteria so every conventional loan is made to cater to each individual situation.  Whether you are looking for a conventional construction loan, refinance an existing property, acquire a new property, or buying out a partner, we will have the right loan structure for you.

V³ Lending never charges any upfront fees or deposits to our clients but only accepts transactions that have certainty of closing.

Benefits of Conventional Loans with V³ Lending:

♦  No Upfront Fees
♦  $1.0M-$100M
♦  Up to 80% Financing
♦  Up to 30 years Amortization
♦  Fixed and floating rates available
♦  45 Day closings
♦  Rates from 3.25%

Give us a call today to learn more about our Conventional Loans and what we can offer on your transaction.

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